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 Guild Rules [Ungyle]

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PostSubject: Guild Rules [Ungyle]   Guild Rules [Ungyle] I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 08, 2010 1:12 pm

[1] Use common sense in all situations.

[2] Be good to one another.

[3] Help each each other, we don't expect you to hand over items or money, information, a run through, anything. When one person grows we all grow.

[4] If you are going to be gone for more than 7 days, please post in the AFK forum with the topic name "Gone From Date-Date". We have a rule to remove anyone gone for that long due to member limits imposed on guilds.

[5] We have no language rules, by being a part of the guild you agree that you are fine with profanity in voice chat. The game has a language filter in text chat. We understand that some of you may have children, unfortunately if you are participating in something that requires voice chat and must use speakers we will attempt to have the person leading whatever event is happening refrain from using profanity so that you may mute everyone but them.

[6] Donations of resources to the guild are greatly appreciated, if you can spare anything it will always be appreciated, we do not have a quota for each player but making such donations is greatly appreciated by all of your peers.

[7] King King Nanite, the man I love , the man I love is the forum Admin, this is his playground, should he choose to lock a topic, delete a topic, ban you from the forums or any such other action, it is not to be publicly discussed if you have an objection. Send him an E-Mail.

[8] Exploits are at no point in time to be used by any of our members, this includes during PVE and PVP, if it seems like there is something wrong with the coding in the game allowing you to do something. Do not do it.

[9] We are a positive rep guild, if one of our guildies is red, you may attempt to kill them, but you are expected to loot their bodies, contact them and immediately PK trade their gear back if it is bound or simply trade unbound equipment. This is so no passerby can loot their gear. If you make yourself red, you are not to PK guildies.

Guild Rules [Ungyle] Pbucket

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PostSubject: Profanity   Guild Rules [Ungyle] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 2:51 pm

The acception to all of this of course is you cannot cuss a guildie out ok. No racial slurs comments or refrences you cannot attack someones ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or religion. I stand firm on those rules. DO NOT BREAK THEM!
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Guild Rules [Ungyle]
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