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 Guild Bank: Rules and Regulations.

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Guild Bank: Rules and Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: Guild Bank: Rules and Regulations.   Guild Bank: Rules and Regulations. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 10, 2010 1:49 pm

Heya guys, in the past couple weeks we as a guild have been putting a lot of effort into donating to the guild bank. Donating to the guild bank is great and much appreciated; though, it has come up that their is a lot of clutter accumulating int he bank. Other officers and our fearless leader Ungyle would like to make it to where there is vender fooder in the bank. Thus we came up with a few rules for donating.

I would like to first start with the new guild mule, Radius. Radius is Ungyle's alt and his sole purpose is to store production runes and only production runes i.e Link Runes, Activation Runes, Frost Runes, etc... And please only send them to him if you do NOT need them or have an abundant supply of them.

Second of the rules for donating into the guild bank;

1. All gear that is donated into guild must only be items in which guildies and use in the AT (arcane transmutor) or "hand-me-down) equipment (stated). Items for the AT must only have IX, X, or XI stats on them.

2. For those who are able to farm Class Epic weapon, amplifier, or hilt pieces please donate them, but please make sure they do not exceed one stack.

3. Recipe's are a good tool in the game for crafters, but at this time we do not want anyone donationg them to the guild bank.

4. Tier runes such as Harm, Endurance, Shell, Might, etc... are appreciated, but we ask that they be a minimum of III. Same rule follows as the one stack only per rune.

At this time we have nothing more to add, as we move further down the road this post may get longer. If anyone has any questions, please ask an officer or an leader.

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Guild Bank: Rules and Regulations.
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