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 Guild Schedual

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PostSubject: Guild Schedual   Guild  Schedual I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 10, 2010 2:15 pm

The following is a schedual of guild functions. Keep in mind I will be registering us for siege everynight as that is the popular option. The nights ive schedual as siege nights are the nights we expect you to try an make it if you can. You are of course always free to do as you please when you play. This schedual is to give us a sense of structure. It will help us grow together as a guild. It will be a foundation on which we can build lasting gaming relationships.

Monday - Instance/Raid Night (This will be the night we do guild groups for higher level instances and eventualy raids.)

Tuesday - Siege Night (As I said before, this is the night we expect you to attempt to make it to once in awhile.)

Wensday - Newb Night (This is the night we will take request from lower lvl members to help complete quests or do loot runs.)

Thursday - Siege Night

Friday - Instance/Raid

Saturday - Siege Night

Sunday - Choose your Own Adventure Night (this will be our non structer night. A day of rest if you will.)
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Guild Schedual
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