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 Kornhole Wins

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Kornhole Wins Empty
PostSubject: Kornhole Wins   Kornhole Wins I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 1:04 am

I have resigned. I dont think i want to be your leader anymore. I think many of you are plenty qaulified.. Raxlo is the leader atm and i turned off all invite power. He will get on tomorrow and either assume his duties or appoint someone who can. I wish you all many successes.

I removed Kornhole for tryin to take my guild from me. I find it hilarious i did it right before i quit. It was a mistake i should not have done that. But whats done is done you guys can invite him back. I am sure you guys can remember guild life before I took a hand in orginizing us. I feel like it was a big accomplishment and am proud to have been the guiding hand behind your current level of accomplishemt. Thanx for letting me lead you, it was an honor.
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Kornhole Wins
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